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About Us

Who We Are  and What We Make...
 Yahrzeit  Candle Holder-Purple
Jewelry Sandcarved Glass Painted Glass

Deborah Potash Brodie, M.A Jay W. Brill,M.Ed. 
.has been an innovative Bar/Bat Mitzvah tutor, Judaic Educator, and Consultant for children and adults with disabilities in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area for over thirty years.  Deborah teaches to the student, not to the prayer, and hopes that she offers a positive learning experience to each student.   She is Founder, Educational Director, and Designer of Dor L’Dor, developing Jewish learning resources such as posters, software, books, puzzles, yads and mousepads.  Additionally, she designs with great love and study and thought Kabbalah Inspired Message Gifts that currently include jewelry, magnets, etched, sandblasted & handpainted glass, tiles and wall pieces.  Each collection piece is designed to send an individual spiritual awakening.  Just as before, she continues to teach – now using gifts to link our heritage to our future.  Deborah has three children of her own, seven granddaughters and one grandson as well as her extended entourage who think of her as ‘Mom’ and ‘Bubbie Cookie.’  

,is a specialist in adaptive technologies for persons with disabilities.  He provides consultation  on disability access to the Washington, D.C. metropolitan community.  Descended from patternmakers and artists, he is Dor L’Dor's fabricator.  After writing alefbet software that taught him how to read Hebrew, Jay has taught fourth grade religious school. Jay is now bringing the new "Maker technologies" to Deborah's designs.













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